To Refurbish or not to Refurbish?

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Home Improvements: To refurbish or not to refurbish? That is the question (as Shakespeare nearly said). It’s a tricky one. If you’re looking at putting your house on the market, you may be reluctant to spend money on a refurbishment that you won’t see the benefit of. Let the next owner do the work, right? […]

Relation between volume of sales and price rises in the present market

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Data often leads us to market signals and the wise ones can read it on time to get ahead. I took a snapshot for the last three years .While we do believe that if we reduce supply and demand remains the same the price would go up. However if  available stock reduces and capital growth […]

Housing Affordability and First Home Buyers

A lot has been said about house prices and affordability. People in Cherrybrook and West Pennant Hills have been silently rejoicing that their properties have risen by over 40% in the last few years. On the other hand they seem concerned that their children may never be able to afford to live in these suburbs. […]