With the fast moving prices in Sydney and Melbourne the buzzwords are more like -what is my house worth, what is the value of my home. Since the rise has been dramatic we find that these questions are answered by almost everyone. Every party-goer will tell you, that everyone, whether they be accountants or engineers become real estate appraisers at this time of the property cycle. It is a time of joy among homeowners and fear for the “wanna be home owners” as affordability seems to be the key question. The truth is that since there are sales, it is affordable what most people are worried about is, how will their children afford a home. Will they be stuck with their children all their lives? You really can’t have it both ways. For most homeowners it is personnel. It is where they have their memories, their fun times and their sad ones. This emotion feeds the irrational price in their head. There are so many parameters’ that influence the price of   one’s home. Some of them are discussed below. Someone rightly said that the homeowner puts the highest value to his home followed by the real estate agent and then the bank. So it boils down to whom you ask

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